Photonics Research and Development Focus and Charlotte Research Institute Symposium

CEOs, a Nobel Laureate and influential researchers explore photonics trends on October 31st and November 1 at the Charlotte Research Institute’s 6th Annual Optoelectronics and Optical Communications Symposium. The Charlotte Research Institute is the industry/education portal for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The event will be held on campus in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"The industry is approaching $1 trillion in market impact and is growing fast. Our Center for Optoelectronics and Optical Communications is placed squarely in the sweet spot of research." says Center Director Michael Fiddy. The Charlotte Research Institute has active photonics research projects in:

  • Active and passive photonic devices for communications, sensing, imaging, lighting
  • Integrated optics and packaging
  • Optical materials (semiconductors, polymer-organic and crystalline)
  • Optical metrology
  • Optical imaging
  • Optical networks

The Charlotte Research Institute also collaborates with the Center for Precision Metrology at UNC Charlotte to combine photonics and precision engineering research. The strategic outcome of the disciplines can lead to advances in advanced manufacturing. Optolectronics and precision metrology researchers will be available during the symposium for discussions about industry trends.

Key events at the 6th Annual Optoelectronics and Optical Communications Symposium are:

  • A seminar from Dr. Michael Lebby, President of the Optoelectronics Industry Development Association. Lebby will provide information about global trends in optoelectronics and the many markets enabled by it (6.00pm Thursday Oct 31st).
  • Dr. William Philips, 1997 Nobel Laureate, will present a seminar entitled “Optics with Laser-like Atom waves”. He will also deliver a public lecture, "Time, Einstein, and the coolest stuff in the universe" on Friday, November 2.
  • Other speakers: Dr. Robert McMahon, North Carolina Governor’s Senior Science Advisor, Dr. Michael Feldman, CTO of Tessera Corporation, Dr. George Simonis, Photonics Division Chief, Army Research Labs and Dr. George Stegeman, Cobb Family Professor of Optics at CREOL.
  • Faculty will present current research initiatives in photonics.
  • Industry vendor exhibit and product demonstrations will run throughout the symposium.

Registration and information about the Symposium is at There is no registration fee for faculty and students from schools, colleges and universities. There is a nominal registration fee for non-exhibiting industry attendees.

For additional information about the event, contact: Mark Clayton at 704-687-8117.

The Charlotte Research Institute is the portal for business-university technology partnerships at UNC Charlotte. Building on the internationally known results of its research centers, CRI supports new research ventures, university partnerships with regional and national enterprises, and spin-off companies created from UNC Charlotte research results.

About UNC Charlotte: A public research university, UNC Charlotte is the fourth largest campus among the 17 institutions of the University of North Carolina system. It is the largest institution of higher education in the Charlotte region. The university offers 18 doctoral programs, 61 master’s degree programs and 89 programs leading to bachelor’s degrees. Fall 2007 enrollment exceeds 22,300 students, including almost 4,800 graduate students.

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