The Swamp Fox Community: What's in it for you?


You and your colleagues in the Swamp Fox Community connect at the intersections of diverse organizations, sparking an explosion of opportunity. You are kindred spirits with the original Swamp Fox, creating value through innovative strategies that define the future.

Innovation news and events remain a foundation of the Swamp Fox website, which you'll now find under the green tabs on any page of the website. News and events have clues as to where you can find expertise, resources and customers.


What’s really new and powerful about the Swamp Fox Community are profiles of others with expertise, resources and customers who you can contact directly. If you registered to attend InnoVenture 2007, or if you are one of the almost 70 people who have joined since the new site launched about a week ago, your profile is one of more than 750 currently online. Having a profile in the community also gives you access to an archive of videos, including all the presentations from InnoVenture 2007, where you can find more connections.

The deepest source of expertise, resources, and customers we can connect you with are the major organizations that are Anchors of our community. Clicking on an Anchor logo on the footer of any page will take you to the priorities they are seeking from others in the community. Each page has an Anchor contact if you know of ways you can benefit each other.


Here's an example of how the Swamp Fox Community ties together. A recent news post informs you that "Michelin Partners with Clemson, Georgia Tech, and Milliken on Tweel Development," an innovation that may revolutionize the tire industry. Michelin is a Swamp Fox Anchor with lots of expertise and resources you may benefit from, so you go to Michelin's Anchor page to learn more about their priorities. There you find Michelin's contact, so if you have joined the community by putting your profile online, you can go to Ralph Hulseman's profile to learn more about him and contact him directly through the website to let him know you're interested in working together.


If you are one of the thousands of others who subscribe to this weekly email letter but don’t have an online profile, joining the Swamp Fox Community is simple and free. We encourage you to begin by watching the five videos on the home page of a few seconds each describing the benefits of the community. You’ll also find tabs with brief explanations of each of the key elements: Community, Events, News, and Anchors. The last tab is Get Started, where you type in your email address to get the ball rolling.


We've worked hard over the past year, and I thank my partners at OrangeCoat, led by Evan Tishuk, who I hope you will agree have created a powerful tool to connect you to the expertise, resources, and customers you need. We look forward to your feedback about how to make your Swamp Fox experience even better, which you can provide by clicking on Suggestions at the top right of any page.

Most of all, I am grateful to you for enriching our community.

Sparks will fly!

John Warner

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