Connecting with Expertise and Resources in Advanced Materials

The real power of the Swamp Fox Community is connecting you with expertise, resources, and customers you need. You begin by being clear about what you are seeking.

Let's explore the expertise and resources that can be found related to Advanced Materials.

Under the green News tab, you can search on the keyword Advanced Materials. There you will find a list of press releases back several years with clues to where you can find expertise or resources. The news can be seen and searched by anyone on the website, as has always been the case.

If you have your personal profile in the Swamp Fox Community, we can do something even more powerful. Swamp Fox can connect you directly to other people who also have an interest in Advanced Materials.

Under the green My Community tab, you can also search on the keyword Advanced Materials. (You'll need to Sign In or Join the Community when promoted.) There you will also find the profiles of a number of people across diverse organizations that have identified Advanced Materials in the text of their profiles as important to them.

Finally, you can click on the tag Advanced Materials in the New or the Community, and you will find a long list of even more people and news that have been assigned that keyword.

We hope you find the Swamp Fox Community a powerful tool. We are always interested in your feedback.

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