How can you connect with Milliken?

Milliken is one of the Anchors of the Swamp Fox Community, so there are several ways you can discover what they are seeking so you can connect with them.

At the bottom of each page of the website are logos of the Swamp Fox Community Anchors. Click on Milliken's logo, and you will find a page providing a text list of the priorities Milliken is seeking from the Community, as well as a link to a video of Milliken's presentation at InnoVenture 2007.

If you have your personal profile online in the Swamp Fox Community, you'll be able to reach the main contact at Milliken, Kirk Vogt, who you can contact directly from the site to explore working with Milliken. (You'll need to Sign In or Join the Community when promoted.)

You'll also be able to see the profiles of 35 others from Milliken to explore in even more detail what they are seeking and how you might connect with them.

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