Selah Technologies: A poster child for the kind of company we want to birth

On November 6th, SC Launch! announced a $200,000 investment in Selah Technologies, a company born when Michael Bolick, founder and CEO, heard a presentation on carbon dot technology at InnoVenture 2006 by Matthew Gevaert, of the Clemson University Research Foundation. Here is a short video of a few seconds where Matt and Michael remember that fateful day in March 2006.

Here's a video of Michael's elevator pitch presentation the next year at InnoVenture 2007, describing the new company he had formed to commercialized "Selah dots."

At the November 6th announcement, both Bill Mahoney, CEO of SCRA, which manages SC Launch!, and Chris Przirembel, Clemson VP of Research and Economic Development, said something similiar, "Selah Technologies is a poster child for the kind of company we want to birth."

Here's a video of Bill's InnoVenture 2007 presentation about SCRA. Here you can learn more about SC Launch!'s and Clemson's priorities. Here's a short video of explaining the value of InnoVenture by SC Launch! director Dave McNamara, as well as a panel he moderated on the Innovation Pipeline. Finally, here you can find out about other licensing opportunities at Clemson, USC, or MUSC.

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