A Transformational Opportunity for South Carolina: A Statewide, Wireless Broadband Network

A perfect storm creates a unique, transformational opportunity for South Carolina to use publicly owned wireless spectrum to develop a statewide, wireless broadband network. A statewide WiMAX cloud allows enhanced government, education, and health care services to be provided to the citizens of South Carolina. As WiMAX is deployed globally over the next several years, a statewide WiMAX cloud catalyzes economic development for South Carolina companies to develop these emerging wireless services here and then market them globally, and for those in rural areas to connect to the knowledge economy through the Internet.

The Legislature created the South Carolina Broadband Technology and Communications Study Committee to develop a plan for deploying and leveraging this spectrum. Last week I had the opportunity to present a vision of what could be done with this spectrum. You can review that presentation here.

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