Clemson University Renaissance Center: Global Issues Briefing on “The Awkward Energy Transition: Challenges and Opportunities”

Please join us for the Clemson University Renaissance Center’s

Global Issues Briefing on “The Awkward Energy Transition: Challenges and Opportunities”.

Featured speaker: Dr. Dave Bodde, Senior Fellow, Clemson University’s Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership

When: 12:00, Friday, January 18, 2008

Where: The Lazy Goat, 170 River Place, Greenville, SC

Cost of Lunch: $15.00

Register online at:

The global energy system that has served industrial civilization well for the past two centuries is in trouble—big trouble. Its problems are technological, political, and cultural — and are tangled, structural, and persistent. They will not go away, and delay, inconsistency, and partial solutions only make matters worse. Dr. Bodde will discuss realistic options for the way forward and their implications for us in South Carolina.

Dr. Bodde has served as a member of several National Academies’ Committees that have studied the hydrogen transition and reported to the Department of Energy -- including the Committee on Alternatives and Strategies for Future Hydrogen Production and Use, whose 2004 report entitled The Hydrogen Economy: Opportunities, Costs, Barriers, and R&D Needs played a major and constructive role in shaping hydrogen policy; the Committee on Review of the FreedomCAR and Fuels Research Program, and the Committee on Assessment of Resource Needs for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies. In recognition of this expertise, Dr. Bodde has been invited to testify at Congressional hearings on hydrogen policy on three occasions. Dr. Bodde served as corporate vice president, Midwest Research Institute, and president of MRI’s for-profit subsidiary, MRI Ventures. He was executive director of the National Research Council’s (NRC) Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems; assistant director, Congressional Budget Office; deputy assistant secretary, Department of Energy; and manager, Engineering Analysis Office, Energy Systems Division, TRW, Inc. He has worked on numerous studies involving nuclear energy, coal, synthetic fuels, electric utilities, renewable energy technologies, and commercialization. He recently served as chairman of the Environmental Management Board, advising the DOE on the cleanup of the U.S. nuclear weapons complex, and is a member of the National Research Council’s Board on Energy and Environmental Systems. Before joining Clemson, he held the Charles N. Kimball Chair in Technology and Innovation at the Henry W. Block School of Business and Public Administration, University of Missouri, Kansas City. He holds the Doctor of Business Administration, Harvard University; Master of Science degrees in nuclear engineering and management, both from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); and a B.S. from the United States Military Academy.

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