Last Call: InnoVenture 2008 Entrepreneurial Presenters Applications Due January 25

Applications for Entrepreneurial Presenters at InnoVenture are due January 25, 2008 and can be submitted online.

Since 2004, 50 companies have presented to investors at InnoVenture conferences. At least 15 have gone on to raise capital, with cumulative publicly announced investments exceeding $86,000,000. These companies represent a pipeline of emerging opportunities, with most of them presenting at InnoVenture 12 to 24 months prior their investment rounds.

Successful prior InnoVenture presenters include Frank Greer of Zipit, Pearce Gilbert of Argolyn Bioscience, Michael Bolick of Selah Technologies, Colin Martin of PromoPipeline, and Steve Johnson of CreatiVasc Medical.

If you are interested in considering making a presentation at InnoVenture 2008, download an application here. You apply by completing the application, including a draft of your Power Point presentation if you have it, and uploading both back to the website.

If you know of companies that should consider presenting, please make them aware of how to apply.

If you have any questions about presenting or about completing an application, please let me know.

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