Idea Posters Get Faculty and Students Free Admission to InnoVenture 2008

Swamp Fox connects people with great ideas to others with expertise, resources, and customers.

During 2007, the website had 5.6 million page views from over 637,000 visitors. Over 1,000 talented people have online profiles in the Swamp Fox Community. Approximatley 700 people from industry, academia, entrepreneurs, and service providers attended InnoVenture 2007, and we expect InnoVenture 2008 to grow.

Swamp Fox Idea Posters

Ideas Posters are a great way to share your ideas with others in the Swamp Fox Community. If you are unfamiliar with Idea Posters, think of the science fair projects you probably did in middle or high school. An idea poster is a similiar format reflecting the best ideas you have to share with others today. Click on the Idea Poster in Rajendra Singh's profile for an example of what we have in mind. Prepare an Idea Poster as a PowerPoint or a pdf file, and attach it to your online profile where others can access it. Here are PowerPoint templates that can be used to prepare your Idea Poster, to give you even a better idea of what we are looking for.

Idea Posters Get Faculty and Students Free Admission to InnoVenture 2008

If you are a faculty member of student at a college or university, you may already have a research poster prepared for presentations at other conferences. Get more benefit from the effort you have already put into preparing your poster by attaching it to your profile in the Swamp Fox Community. If you bring a physical copy of your poster to InnoVenture 2008 to share with others in the 30,000 square feet Innovation Hall, you can register to attend InnoVenture 2008 for free. We do have a selection process not to judge the merits of your ideas but to ensure that each poster represents a quality effort by the presenter.

For more information about sharing a Swamp Fox Idea Poster with the community, please contact Steve Stevenson at Clemson Universtiy.

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