SpeechWorks Debuts New Autism/ADHD Therapy in Columbia

COLUMBIA, S.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SpeechWorks is one of 30 providers internationally that offer the Sensory Learning Program, an innovative 30-day program geared towards correcting sensory issues in the brain. The program combines three conventional therapies into one, and it’s showing progress not just for Autism, but for kids with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder and developmental delays.

“We could not believe our ears in the days, weeks and months following our son’s completion of the Sensory Learning Program. My husband and I were constantly turning to each other and saying, 'Did he just say what I think he said?' Friends would comment on his increased eye contact and social interaction. After longing to hear our son talk to us, it is such a joy to have him carry on a conversation with us!” - L.B., Pickens, SC

Many children with Autism display self-stimming behaviors such as hand-flapping and toe walking. “The overload of sensory input is too confusing for them to handle, so they’ll actually be able to flap in order to concentrate on the flapping and calm themselves down,“ says Dr. Brad Habermehl of Flint Sensory Learning Center in Michigan. “They cannot multitask, so when they’re looking at something it’s almost as if they’re deaf and can’t hear because they suppress or turn off their auditory system. We’re stimulating the brain stem in 3 different areas, all at the same time. All three systems being stimulated at the same time so the patient has to develop coordination and put them in sync with one another.”

The program consists of two 30-minute sessions per day for 12 straight days in office, followed by an 18-day home program. SpeechWorks has offices in both the Midlands and the Upstate. Our new Columbia office will be hosting an open house Thursday, January 31st, from 4pm to 8pm.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please visit our website at www.speechsensory.com, or call us at (803)767-4832 in Columbia and (864)306-4289 in Easley, just 10 minutes from downtown Greenville.

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