$169 Million in South Carolina Centers of Economic Excellence (Endowed Research Chairs) Funded Proposals

In 2002, the South Carolina General Assembly passed the Research Centers of Economic Excellence Act in order to promote growth of the knowledge-based economy in South Carolina. Oversight of the Centers of Economic Excellence (CoEE) Program is provided by the S.C. Centers of Economic Excellence Review Board. The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education approves the budget for the CoEE Review Board’s operations and also provides staff support for the program’s day-to-day operations. South Carolina Education Lottery funds in the amount of $190 million have been appropriated for the program since the 2002-2003 Fiscal Year. Over the last six years, 41 research proposals totaling $169 million have been approved for funding. South Carolina’s three research institutions are required to raise dollar-for-dollar, non-state matching funds in order to access state funding.

Click here for a list of the funded proposals.

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