Charleston Digital Corridor Website Becomes More Interactive

September 24, 2008 ‐ Charleston, SC ‐ With membership input, the Charleston Digital Corridor is pleased to introduce new website features delivering enhanced interactivity. The features include:

Videos showcasing the people behind the companies making up Charleston’s knowledge economy,

Podcasts allowing interested parties to stay informed if unable to attend the Digital Corridor’s “Friday’s @ the Corridor” monthly series,

A simplified Talent Portal providing job seekers an accurate daily snapshot of employment opportunities in Charleston’s knowledge economy,

A Dashboard presenting relevant facts and trends in a graphical format,

The ability for members and visitors to gain community insight and provide input on all news items, and

The ability for companies to connect directly with the Digital Corridor’s Resource Partners.
“The ongoing engagement with our companies and website users has allowed us to make improvements in the way we interact and deliver information to them,” said Charleston Digital Corridor Director, Ernest Andrade.
“The Charleston Digital Corridor discerns what is important to our growing knowledge community and implements effective solutions,” said Kirk King, President of CSS and the Chairman of the Charleston Digital Corridor Foundation. “Updating the Digital Corridor’s website is yet another example of its ability to deliver value to our industry,” he added.
About the Charleston Digital Corridor The Digital Corridor is a creative initiative to attract, nurture and promote Charleston's knowledge economy through a combination of technology enabled initiatives and business incentives, private business support and member‐driven programming. To learn more, visit
Ernest Andrade
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