- A networking tool for the 21st century.

Finally, after years of seeking a professional networking tool, SpartX has emerged with just that.

Now, anyone who has a business card is able to compliment it with a SpartX Virtual Business Card. The idea behind such a new take on an old form of networking spawned from the question, “If a person was not limited by space what would be on their business card,” explained founders Cutter Mitchell and Steve Gonzalez.

From this essential question the idea for a virtual business card was born.

“We figured with the limitless capacity of the Internet coupled with the fact that most businesses today use the Internet in one form or another, it was a logical step to bring business cards online,” explained Mitchell.

The best way to think of the virtual business card, is a business card but online. The SpartX system allows card holders to do everything with their virtual business card that they can do with their traditional business card.

In addition to exchanging cards by hand, users can also virtually exchange their card. Business cards of contacts can be stored in the SpartX Card Slider, and users are able to leave their virtual card on any website they choose.

The SpartX Virtual Business Card goes beyond the normal uses of a business card and offers benefits far beyond the traditional rectangle. Unlimited space for information and instantaneous content updates are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages of having a virtual business card.

So whether it be a title change or a complete career change, the user will be good to go with the click of a button.

But more than just the benefit of a virtual business card, pairing it with a traditional card makes it the most powerful networking tool out there. With the member’s web address printed on the card they hand out in person, users are now able to control and specifically design what acquaintances learn about them.

“The idea is that with every card a user hands out, the recipient will be driven to the website,” said Mitchell.

The pairing of the new and the old complete the SpartX Card. The SpartX service not only gives users an edge in an all too competitive world, it also provides a way for members to distinguish themselves from a field where one person can too easily be confused with the next.

“We see this as an asset for those in the world of business. People still need to network and with the technology today, the traditional business card seems outdated. With, users are able to network using the technology of the 21st century, while maintaining that level of decor that is demanded,” said Gonzalez.

The difficulty, according to Mitchell, was differentiating the site from its less than professional cousins. SpartX is nothing like the social networks that exist today, in fact it is not even a social network. SpartX is a networking site that offers a tool for users to cultivate relationships in a clean, clear, and straight-forward manner.

“The most important part about SpartX is that users first connect one-on-one, face-to-face. So the real networking happens in-person, as it should. Then SpartX is there to allow people to strengthen this first connection with digital follow up,” said Mitchell.

What SpartX really does is offer business-minded people a place where they can represent themselves in a professional manner, control the information an acquaintance is exposed to about them, and bring their career into the 21st century.

A secondary part of the business, though just as important as the online feature, is the printing of business cards. In this respect, SpartX acts as a one-stop site that provides both an online and real world solution for business cards.

One peak at SpartX is all is needed to realize this changes everything about business cards.

SpartX, Inc. is a subsidiary of Rico Media, a holding company headquartered in South Carolina. To view the website or become a member visit

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