Webinar: Strategic Business Plan Building

Strategic Business Plan Building
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This streamlined approach will help you create a "bottom line" business plan that turns your words into money. You will be equipped to engineer or update your current business plan to a brief, useful, relevant, "living" document. We will focus on a strong marketing and financial plan to facilitate your current structure, strategic tactics, financing, focus, evaluation and future growth in a defined direction. You will create a tactical business plan to add strategy to your passion™ to see your Vision Made Real™!

Who should attend?
Aspiring Entrepreneurs, existing Entrepreneurs who need an up-to-date, useful business plan, Professionals transitioning to entrepreneurship, College Students who aspire to start a business.

After attending, you will be able to:
Use your strategic business plan as a tool for:

  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Financial forecasting
  • Cash flow planning
  • Securing financing or investors
  • Increasing sales
  • Day-to-day operations planning
  • Hiring
  • Focusing
  • Decision making
  • Short and long-term planning
  • Organizational and Professional development
  • Communicating and marketing yourself in your industry
  • Goal accomplishment
  • Accountability action plan
  • Continuous improvement

Additional benefits of attending:
Webinar Includes:

  • Strategic business plan template
  • Cash flow planning form - calculates automatically
  • Profit and loss form - calculates automatically
  • Balance sheet form - calculates automatically
  • ”Bottom Line” Tips
  • Access to additional resources to support you in developing your plan


  • Add Start-up or Business Assessment and one additional assessment (total 2 assessments)
  • Add my book, "The Visionary's Guide to Small Business Development"
  • Add review and feedback on your written strategic business plan
  • Add one-one-one coaching
  • Add an Individualized Development Plan


  • Package One: $35 Webinar
  • Package Two: $55 Webinar + My Book
  • Package Three: $75 Webinar + Business plan feedback
  • Package Four: $195 Webinar + 2 hours of coaching + 2 assessments + Individualized Development Plan

Register Now http://visionsmadereal.webex.com/

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