BINGO!!!!! An enormous, humongous CU-ICAR success

Early in this decade, Jim Barker called a meeting and asked, "If Clemson was in Greenville, what would we do different?"

George Fletcher continued to conversation with a group of Greenville leaders for about a year, before a concept crystallized that Chris Prizirembel took to Helmut Leube to ask BMW to partner with Clemson.

The result was CU-ICAR, which is a talent magnet for South Carolina. Four endowed research chairs at the core of CU-ICAR attracted preeminent scholars, who attract top graduate students, who graduate and go to work in industry in the region. The most efficient way to transfer knowledge from a research university to industry is through people.

This December, CU-ICAR produced the nation's first PhD in Automotive Engineering, John Limroth of Austin, Texas, whose dissertation was in adaptive vehicle electronic stability control and who now works as a tire performance research engineer with the Michelin Americas Research Company in Greenville.


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