First Quarter UEF Power Lunch

We are pleased to announce that the keynote speaker for the January 27 Upstate Entrepreneur Forum (UEF) Power-Lunch will be Gil Gerretsen.

Gil Gerretsen is the Founder and CEO of BizTrek International, Inc., a growing worldwide alliance of small business owners sharing the veracity of 12 Triggers that ALWAYS produce more customers. As many of you know, Gil is a highly sought after and entertaining speaker.

Gil will be discussing … How To Get People To Buy Your Stuff. This includes tips on how to identify, and activate, the right buying signals for your product or service … and then how to connect and focus on the people who have the most immediate needs.

John Warner will also be on-hand to ask Gil a few questions.

Go to the UEF website, it is and navigate to the Event Registration page and register for the First Quarter Power Lunch.

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