Addison Homes Makes 'No Impact Man' Donation

GREENVILLE, SC - Addison Homes LLC, a regional leader in sustainable, high-performance building, has donated the book and movie versions of 'No Impact Man' to the Furman University Library. The sponsor of December’s pre-DVD screening of 'No Impact Man' at the Younts Conference Center at Furman, Addison Homes is committed to educating area residents on how to consume more responsibly and how to lower their impact on the environment, according to Addison Founder and President Todd Usher.

“We made the decision when we started Addison Homes to build only EarthCraft House™ certified and ENERGY-STAR®-rated homes,” said Usher. “We believe that green building and remodeling creates healthier, more comfortable homes for occupants, and greatly reduces the impact of construction on the environment. Our quarterly Green Building & Remodeling seminars, and our sponsorship and donation of No Impact Man are all part of that commitment.”

The Greenville screening of 'No Impact Man' was part of a nationwide screening facilitated by the Center For a New American Dream, an organization that helps Americans consumer more responsibly. An Oscilloscope film, No Impact Man tells the story of New York City resident Colin Beavan’s decision to completely eliminate his personal impact on the environment for a full year.

A regional leader in sustainable, ‘green’ building, Usher has received numerous awards for his commitment to green building including the 2007 EarthCraft House™ Builder of the Year.
Addison Homes credentials include: EarthCraft House™ Technical Advisor, ENERGY STAR® certified home energy rater, LEED® AP Professional Accreditation, LEED for Homes® Provider Representative, NAHB Graduate Master Builder, South Carolina Certified Master Builder, NAHB Certified Green Professional, and National Green Building Program™ Accredited Verifier for the NAHB Research Center.

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