Anaheim, CA deploys PinPoint-PublicWorks by PinPoint GeoTech, LLC

PRESS RELEASE (for immediate release)

Jan 11, 2010, Clemson, SC

PinPoint GeoTech, LLC Announces:

City of Anaheim, CA and the Deployment of PinPoint - Public Workstm to Optimize Work Crews, Save Time and Money on PW Operations, and to Reduce Maintenance Costs on Equipment and Infrastructure.

The Anaheim City Council recently approved the acquisition of the award-winning and patent pending system born in Clemson, S.C. in 2007. The Anaheim Public Works Department presented their recommendation to City Council following nearly a year of discussions, fact finding, operational planning, and competitive analysis. The result was a unanimous vote of approval for the purchase.

PinPoint-Public Works was designed in a unique public-private initiative in Clemson, S.C. where Public Works employees envisioned a system that allowed them to quickly and easily mark the location, date, time, and category of issues like debris piles, code violations, garbage cart/can issues, potholes, signage problems, and safety hazards. Working with the founders of PinPoint GeoTech, the system has been marketed across the country and has won numerous municipal association and technology innovation awards.

Anaheim (Pop: 350,000), the 10th most populous city in the state of California, joins Durham, N.C. (223,000 ), Mount Pleasant, S.C. (64,000) , Kingsport Tenn., (45,000), Gainesville, Ga. (Pop: 35,000), and Ocoee, Fla. (pop:31000) as the largest cities having deployed the PinPoint Solution.

Jim Oswald, CEO and Co-Developer of the system, notes that, "The City of Anaheim represents several very exciting milestones for PinPoint GeoTech. The first being that Anaheim is the first city west of the Mississippi to join the dozens of other city and county agencies to deploy this unique solution. The second is that it is a true testament to the overall effectiveness of our system to have a major innovative city approve the deployment of this technology. And third, we will now have a major west coast regional reference and professional partner to help validate and promote our systems on the west coast.”

Natalie Meeks, Director of Anaheim Public Works, stated, "We anticipate a rapid return on the investment through increased efficiency, better optimization of work crews, as well as creative and aggressive use of the data collected."

Other recent client additions include Charleston County, S.C. Stormwater Management Division, Kennesaw, Ga.Department of Public Works, Lowes Engineering, and Woolpert Company.

PinPoint GeoTech, LLC
Is a South Carolina based company that specializes in simplifying and automating data collection and reporting processes that are necessary for City, State, and County Governments.

PinPoint GeoTech, is an SC Launch! Client Company, has won numerous association awards and has has presented its solutions to the National League of Cities Risk Management Group, The Association of Public Works Administrators, and various City/County associations.

The PinPoint - Public Works(tm) product has been featured in dozens of newspaper and association newsletter articles and was developed in cooperation with the City of Clemson, SC.

Contact Jim Oswald, [email protected] for more information.
Company Web Site: Phone: 864-643-0344.

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