Energy Savings New Technology is Validated...

For Immediate Release:
Greenville, SC; May 17, 2010
The Technology Consortium, Ltd.
Ron Hoffman, President
[email protected]
New Energy Saving Equipment is Validated
Letting your Process Reduce Energy Consumption…
Energy Savings: The Technology Consortium Limited (TTC) is proud to announce validated test data on a new method of reducing energy costs. Following years of international development and installations, TTC has successfully installed and evaluated this new technology in a domestic application. This Energy Savings equipment reduces the energy consumed by motorized equipment by monitoring and adjusting power based on process requirements.
This latest success was performed on unmodified facility equipment. The Energy Savings control system was installed onto a standard manufacturing HVAC system. Return air temperature was monitored with a sensor and used to control the equipment. The electrical consumption data was recorded on a HIOKI 9625 energy monitoring device. This testing resulted in a reduction of 32.7% of normal operating Amperage, and a 51.4% reduction of kW consumption. This test data as well as other equipment application installations is available for review and evaluation.
This patented motor control equipment is an augmentation to existing equipment. No additional changes or modifications need to be performed. Our Energy Saving device monitors and evaluates motor conditions and requirements and adjusts electrical input. By supplying the optimum amount of power required by the motor, we achieve correspondingly lower energy consumption and cost.
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