CBRE | The Furman Co. Teams with Preon Bioelectric to bring new technology to Landfill Gas Projects


Greenville, SC – September 27, 2010
CB Richard Ellis and its affiliates are industry leaders in applying energy-saving programs to their own and their client’s facilities. A recent agreement between CBRE | The Furman Co. and Preon Bioelectric adds yet another dimension to the Greenville affiliate’s sustainability consulting platform. Preon Bioelectric helps CBRE | The Furman Co. clients integrate base load alternative energy systems into their facilities and actually lower the cost of operation. The turnkey power and bio engineering of Preon Power, the legal and business acumen of IEBC and the reach and relationships of CBRE | The Furman Co. result in the most comprehensive landfill gas-to-electric (LGTE) alternative.
Jim Bishop, CEO of Preon Bioelectric, said "I founded International Environmental Business Council nearly five years ago with the goal of profitably producing electricity from methane but the real job has been finding the players for the team needed to meet the many business, financial, legal, regulatory and technical challenges of turning this greenhouse pollutant into green energy; Preon Bioelectric is that dream team. We are moving steadily to be first to market with astounding technology capable of wringing electricity from marginal methane sources the industry has long considered unworkable. It's exciting professionally to be on this team and gratifying personally to help lay what I am confident will be a cornerstone of the green energy economy worldwide.''
The Preon Bioelectric renewable energy platforms will generate continuous electricity and will embrace advanced energy technologies already in place. Through its relationship with CB Richard Ellis, Inc., CBRE | The Furman Co. will provide research and make the initial contact to gather information about numerous sites with the potential to leverage waste heat from microturbines and provide additional electricity for companies and public entities.

Additionally, the utility companies will benefit from the surplus electricity brought to the grid as it provides a renewable source of power generation and contributes to meeting state renewable portfolio standards.

According to Tim Tawoda, CEO of Preon Power, “Our business practice will not be to compete with wind and solar power, but to reinforce capacity and stability by harnessing gas and power plants that utilize biogas from landfills and agricultural digesters. Through this process, biogas emissions will be blended with a gas catalyst to boost electrical production and greatly reduce emissions. Preon Bioelectric can also analyze a prospect’s waste stream and apply advance energy technologies to create an alternate revenue stream. Preon Bioelectric will monetize grants, investment tax credits, depreciation and new market tax credits such that the debt service for the plant is covered by these financial benefits. All of this with an eye on environmental stewardship.”

Doug Webster, Senior Associate and Director of Corporate Services for CBRE | The Furman Co., in Greenville, SC recognizes, “This is a significant new relationship for CBRE | The Furman Co., and one that we are excited about bringing onboard." He serves as the point person for the global projects currently initiated in both the U.S. and South America and will continue in this position for future projects concerning Preon Bioelectric.

About CBRE | The Furman Co.
CBRE | The Furman Co. is a division of The Furman Co., Inc, which is Upstate, South Carolina’s oldest and most respected full service commercial real estate firm. Founded in 1888, The Furman Co. has a long history of being instrumental in the recruitment and development of new business and industry within the state. The Furman Co. has delivered comprehensive integrated real estate solutions including commercial real estate brokerage, property and facilities management, insured assets and risk management, development services, and investment advisory services, supported by proprietary market research and extensive local market expertise.

About Preon Power
Preon Power’s executives represent over 80 years of direct industry experience in the provisioning of CHP equipment. Established in 1996 as a traditional Power Quality “rep firm” with focus on data center needs, Preon Power recognized the need for more reliable and environmentally-friendly solutions. Since 2006, Preon Power has been a leading energy integrator establishing microturbine power plants in Chicago and remote power markets of the western states. Today Preon Power promotes engineering and funding alternatives to complimentary advanced energy technologies such as gas catalyst, gasification, algae bioreactors and wet electrostatic precipitators with a national reach on biogas projects and regional CHP focus on spark-spread markets like NYC and island countries.

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