How to Save 10% on Power Bills - Guaranteed!

Benton Green Energy is now the sole South Carolina distributor of an innovative energy saving device called GESPER. It stands for Green Energy Surge Protector and Energy Reducer. It's one of the easiest and least expensive ways to cut your energy bills, whether your home or office building is decades old or brand new.

The GESPER was originally developed in 1999, to keep surges, voltage spikes and down-line lightning strikes from damaging your electrical wiring. It eliminates most static electricity that can cause major damage to your electronics. The GESPER "cleans" energy before it enters your home or business, making the power supply more energy efficient. It protects home electronics, industrial or commercial machinery, commercial real estate and residential electrical wiring. The GESPER can be used on ANY size electrical system whether it's a house, hotel, government building, office building, restaurant or manufacturing facility.

Since the GESPER makes your power supply more energy efficient, it saves on the kWh you use by improving the current (amps), voltage, power factor, kVAR, and reduces harmonics. Benton Green Energy will survey your home or business to determine which GESPER unit will best serve your needs. We use local, licensed electrical contractors to professionally install the unit(s), with your safety and protecting your property as the top priority.

Here's the best part: It's guarnateed to work! The GESPER will save you at least 10% in kWh, or your money back after a 180 day period.

GESPER Benefits

- Extends the life of your appliances and mechanical systems
- Protects your business or home from surges and spikes
- Protects computers and electronics
- Provides a more efficient and even flow of power

For more information, contact Benton Green Energy at 864-271-0244 or you can visit us on the web at

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