Software Conference Draws National Attention to South Carolina

COLUMBIA, SC – March 1, 2011 – The Palmetto Open Source Software Conference (“POSSCON”) is drawing national attention to South Carolina – positioning the state as a leader in technology innovation and education.

POSSCON will bring a world-class lineup of IT thought leaders to Columbia for three days (March 23 – 25, 2011) to discuss the latest issues for developers, executives, government leaders and educators. This event is sponsored by IT-oLogy and will be held at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.

Worldwide industries such as IBM, Oracle and Google have taken notice of this event too. They will be present, along with a long list of other impressive businesses.

Open source software continues to be one of the hottest and most relevant topics in information technology as organizations strive to meet the increasing demand for innovation while struggling with shrinking budgets.

POSSCON 2011 will feature an executive forum, hands-on workshops and networking events. Program tracks will be offered in the areas of Technology, Education, Healthcare and Leadership. This is one of the largest open source conferences on the East coast.

“IT-oLogy’s mission to advance IT talent is exemplified by bringing professionals, as well as students, together to learn more about the current and future potential of open source software,” said Lonnie Emard, Executive Director of the Consortium for Enterprise Systems Management.

More than 500 attendees from across the country are expected to attend this event. Registration is still available for both students (who are admitted for free) and for other people interested in open source technology.

For more information on speakers, sponsors, the schedule of events or to register to attend, please visit

About IT-oLogy and the Consortium for Enterprise Systems Management

The Consortium for Enterprise Systems Management was formed in December 2008 to advance IT talent in the Southeast from the classroom to the boardroom. IT-oLogy is the newest program of the Consortium introduced in January of 2011. The program aims to change the face of information technology by introducing students to the broad range of opportunities available in IT. IT-oLogy advocates for improving computer science and information technology at all levels, and believes the most successful students will develop their business and communication skills in addition to learning technical skills.

IT-oLogy encourages professionals to reach out to students and provide them with real-world learning experiences, while supporting networking and career development opportunities for IT professionals so they are always advancing. The program believes that strengthening the work force helps existing businesses and attracts new companies to the region. IT-oLogy promotes collaboration among educational institutions, IT businesses and economic development groups, and believes in the power of information technology to make the world a better place. IT-oLogy is a program powered by the Consortium for Enterprise Systems Management.
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