NuHub Launches to Establish South Carolina as Hub for Nuclear Opportunities

New Collaborative Will Maximize Economic Impact of Nuclear Industry in Midstate of South Carolina

Columbia, S.C. – (April 18, 2011) – Today a collaborative group of public, private, higher education and workforce development stakeholders led by EngenuitySC, announced the launch of NuHub, an initiative that will work to provide a platform supporting the growth of the nuclear industry in the Midstate region of South Carolina.

With a continued emphasis of creating the foundation for a strong knowledge economy and establishing the Midstate region as a center for alternative energy and clean technology, the mission of NuHub is to leverage existing resources and infrastructure while maximizing economic and job creation opportunities related to the nuclear industry, which will establish the Midstate region as a leader and hub for nuclear energy innovation.

“Within the next 15 years, there will be major capital investment in nuclear power generation deployed within a 100 mile radius of Columbia, so this presents a significant opportunity for the Midstate region to expand nuclear and other clean technologies,” said Steve Byrne, Co-chairman of NuHub.

NuHub’s executive committee is comprised of broad, collaborative leadership representing the region’s strong nuclear assets and supporters, which will provide strategic vision, governance and direction to the group. Executive committee members include: Co-chairman Steve Byrne, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President for Generation and transmission at SCE&G; Co-chairman Dr. Sonny White, President of Midlands Technical College; Don Herriott, Director of Innovista Partnerships for the University of South Carolina; and Donald Goldbach, Director of Manufacturing Strategy with Westinghouse Electric Company. A Leadership Committee and Advisory Board will also serve the role of providing community input to NuHub and will consist of a diverse range of stakeholders. Regional participants include representatives from the Good to Great Foundation of the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce, SCRA, Midlands Technical College, the University of South Carolina, Westinghouse, SCANA, SRNS, DOD, Shaw Group, Tetra Tech, and local community and business leaders.

“The Midstate region possesses a unique blend of talented workforce, existing sites and resources combined with an unmatched entrepreneurial spirit,” said Dr. Sonny White, President of Midlands Technical College. “These assets contribute to positioning our region as a potential, national hub for the nuclear industry, and Midlands Technical College is proud to partner in this endeavor as we prepare the next generation of South Carolina’s workforce to take advantage of these new economic development opportunities.”

One focus of NuHub is supporting the deployment of small modular reactors or SMRs to support national and international energy initiatives. In fact, Columbia will play host to a major SMR development and production conference this week, for which NuHub and its partners have been working to plan. This conference is anticipated to attract agencies around the world and industry heavyweights like Westinghouse, AREVA and GE along with the U.S. Department of Energy, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Army and utilities across the nation, including TVA and SCANA.

“The key to growing our knowledge-based economy in the Midstate region is leveraging our existing resources and seeking opportunities where we can be a leader,” said Neil McLean, Executive Director of EngenuitySC. “The SMR Conference is a great example of this and presents a major opportunity for us to make an impression and show companies why they would have a competitive advantage if they located or expanded their operations in the Midstate,” he added.

About NuHub
NuHub is a collaborative group of public, private, higher education and workforce development stakeholders working to maximize economic and job creation opportunities for the nuclear industry in the Midstate region of South Carolina, and to establish the Midstate as a hub and global leader for nuclear energy innovation. Please visit for more information.

About EngenuitySC
EngenuitySC is a public/private partnership with the mission of growing the knowledge-based economy in the Columbia, SC, region. EngenuitySC leads initiatives that leverage the region’s assets, promote commercialization, and support research while building collaborations around these projects that are comprised of leaders from business, government and higher education. Together these partners foster an environment where entrepreneurship, innovation, and the creation of knowledge are fundamental elements of the region's identity enabling us to imagine more jobs and opportunities for the future.

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