Science and Math Governor's School to Hold Two-Day Business Simulation Exercise to Ignite Student Interest in Start-up Companies

The intersection between science and business soon will have new meaning at GSSM. With the launch of an innovative two-day business simulation experience, all 133 students at the Hartsville-based residential high school will get up close and personal with the convergence of science and entrepreneurship as a way to better understand real-world start-up and career opportunities.

"It takes more than top scientists and engineers to build a successful company," says Robert Fletcher, director of the School's new BlueCross BlueShield Economics & Finance Institute.

Modeled after programs at both Harvard and Stanford business schools, the two-day simulation will expose students to the fundamentals of marketing, strategy, sales, accounting, finance, product development and operations.

The exercise will condense four different business cycles/quarters into two days, and teams will determine whether to serve mass or niche markets. Experiences will include everything from buying supplies and tracking waste to inventory control and operations workflow. Volunteers from local and statewide business communities will act as customers and each team will be scored on each cycle. The ultimate goal is to be the team that makes the most money.

"While there will definitely be a winning team, the real winners will be the students who walk away with ideas and concepts that they eventually will implement in their own careers and businesses," Fletcher says. "Both the Governor's School and the Institute are committed to positively impacting economic development in South Carolina by educating and encouraging students to start and grow companies here. Experiences like our MBA-based business simulation are ideal, not to mention rare in traditional public schools."

This two-day experience is a new effort of the School's BCBS Economics & Finance Institute and part of its overall goal to develop and embrace an entrepreneurial culture.

Media are invited to experience the simulation on Friday, August 26, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and on Saturday, August 27, 9 a.m.-Noon.

In keeping with the science/business theme, the movie "October Sky" will be shown at the school at 7:30 pm Friday evening.

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