Rock Creek Craftsmen wins Award

Rock Creek Craftsmen has been selected by the Charleston Preservation Society for the 2012 Carolopis Award for Preservation. This award is for excellence in Preservation for the exterior of 337 Sumter Street in the West Side subdivision.

The home was built circa 1904 according to the Sanborn Fire Maps showing the subdivision of the Wilson Farm in late 1800's.

Rock Creek Craftsmen meticulously restored the exterior using exact materials and preservation techniques to bring the home back from severe damage. Many homes in Charleston are subject to demolition by neglect and this area is part of the Preservation Society's initiative to save four homes on Saint Phillip Street.

In addition to preserving the home Rock Creek Craftsmen designed an energy plan to make the home efficient with out replacing the windows or placing insulation in the walls. Using a unique process the design found the most efficient way to cut costs by using a radiant barrier in the attic with highly rated insulation and insulation in the crawlspace using breathable tyvek.

It is important that these historic structures are allowed to breath while maintaining a level of comfort for the owner. The average bill for this home is $200.00 per month for a 2100 square foot home.

For any questions call Kevin Meek 843-270-4987

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