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SPARC Launches Free Employee Recognition App SparcetTM
SPARC releases free app which fuels employee engagement through recognition and is the first piece of their Employee Engagement PlatformTM.
Charleston, SC – February 14, 2012 – SPARC, a Best Place to Work winner, publicly released SparcetTM ( out of beta. SparcetTM is a simple, free app that ignites engagement through recognition within an organization. SparcetTM is the introductory app in a product suite known as an Employee Engagement PlatformTM (EEP). Both the EEP and SPARC's exponential growth are built upon the belief that engaged employees fuel productivity, innovation, and happiness -­‐ the keys to a successful, creative, and knowledge-­‐based company.
A SparcetTM is much more than just a simple email of thanks, it’s a way of sharing and letting someone know you appreciate them and then transfers that energy to the entire company. Sending a SparcetTM takes less than one minute and provides personal and shared recognition for individuals across an organization. It’s also free for life. SPARC believes, as Gallup does, that engaged, “high-­‐energy workplaces can save America.”
The application currently offers such features as a company-­‐wide feed, user profiles, and insightful reporting. Admins and leaders will get insight into the engagement of their employees -­‐ an aspect of

any organization that’s difficult to accurately measure. Furthermore, the SparcetTM team assists organizations in developing baseline metrics such as attendance, terminations, job applications, and overall satisfaction rates to reveal the incredible impact of the Employee Engagement PlatformTM.
The EEP concept and SparcetTM are founded upon SPARC’s CTO and Chief Evangelist’s, John E. Smith, passionate beliefs around the power of an engaged workforce and culture to drive success for any organization. As a business culture expert, Smith’s success is built on surprisingly simple, fundamental systems, such as Sparcet’s ability to provide shared recognition to employees across an organization. Smith’s first step for creating an engaged workforce at SPARC was a prototype: paper handout tickets called “Sparcets”, which SPARC employees exchanged to say “thank you”. The simple act of peer-­‐to-­‐ peer recognition then spread like wildfire and led to the development of the application available today. SPARC is a prime example of how an engaged culture drives success -­‐ SPARC grew 496% in 2011 in large part due to its engaged workforce and unique culture.
Sparcet National Client Testimonial
“SparcetTM was easy to implement and a fun way to get people to recognize each other out in the open for the company to see. As a leader in the organization, I love reading the comments our team members make about each other. It is a great way to see great work that may have not hit my radar screen otherwise.” -­‐ Ed Roshitsh, President, Granicus Inc.
SPARC Leadership Quote
"As a military veteran, I have been accustomed to receiving awards and medals from my superiors, but never from my peers. Peer-­‐to-­‐peer recognition is where the struggle lies for most organizations and SparcetTM solves that issue. SparcetTM allows pure, unfiltered recognition to anyone in a company no matter where they lie on the company tree. The happiness and energy that SparcetTM has generated for

us is immeasurable. It is by far the best recognition app out there." – Doug Ross, President, SPARC LLC
Release Facts
• 1,000’s of Sparcets have already been sent and shared
• The SparcetTM app currently has 100’s of tenants and 1,000’s of users
• It takes less than 1 minute to sign-­‐up and start realizing employee engagement
• The SparcetTM app includes insightful reporting and analytics
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