A personal note about InnoVenture from John Warner

InnoVenture is making exciting progress. Registrations to our annual InnoVenture 2012 conference on May 8th and 9th are off to the best start ever. The week prior to our conference, we are polishing and relaunching our web platform as InnoVenture.com, which we intend to become the leading global community for you to discover new opportunities and develop them with new resources.

Here are four simple ways you help us help you:

1. Attend InnoVenture 2012 and invite colleagues to join you.
Register to attend InnoVenture 2012 to connect with several hundred of our region’s top decision makers and invite your colleagues to join you. 

2. Follow opportunities to connect with other like-minded people.
Bring your tablet or smart phone to InnoVenture 2012 to “follow” opportunities online you are interested in and immediately see other like-minded people at the conference interested in the same opportunities. 

3. Share opportunities with your social networks to discover more opportunities.
On InnoVenture.com, “share” opportunities you follow with your social networks, like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, exposing opportunities presented at the conference to thousands of people online. 

4. Present your own opportunity to access new resources you need to succeed.
On InnoVenture.com, present your own opportunities online, invite colleagues to share your opportunity with their social networks, and find needed resources you’d otherwise not have access to. 

It’s that simple. Attend. Follow. Share. Present.

InnoVenture is growing into something very special, and we’re grateful you are a part. I look forward to connecting with you live at InnoVenture 2012 and online at InnoVenture.com in the near future.

John Warner, CEO
InnoVenture LLC

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