Greenville Business Magazine: InnoVenture Has Created a Distinctive, Two-Phase Social Business Development Process

The last few years have been hard on the American economy. We’ve seen record numbers of unemployed workers, diminishing markets and plant closures enough to last a lifetime. We continuously hear that innovation and entrepreneurial development will be our economy’s ticket out of the proverbial doghouse. But do we even really know what that means?
The problem with innovation is that too often companies are trying to force creativity in order to answer a product or process problem or are trying to contrive new technology through the same old techniques. This is contrary to innovation by its very definition. Innovation is not about taking an idea and squeezing it into a pre-set mold within the company in order to produce a marketable product. There are no “pro-quos,” no five-year profit margin projections, and no black-and-white one-size-fits-all conceptualization plans. Just the opposite, in fact. Innovation isn’t coerced or forced – it’s flux; it’s crossing boundaries that have yet to be breached; it’s coloring outside the lines; it’s daring to imagine the unimaginable.

When John Warner founded InnoVenture in 2004, his idea was to intersect good ideas with customers, capital, talent and technology. Over the past nine years, InnoVenture, much like the innovative developments it promotes, has grown and changed as its course has directed. InnoVenture has optimized the experience of all community members by developing its unique social business development platform, introducing InnoMobility, and announcing the launch of at the 2012 conference.

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