USGBC SC Announces 2012 Leadership Awards

Denise Sherman, USGBC SC Chapter Chair thanked the Awards Selection Committee: Joe Bace, Aimee Morrow, Bachman Smith, and Trish Jerman for their extraordinary efforts in selecting the three final award winners.
The Individual Award recognizes outstanding vision, leadership, and commitment to advancing green building in South Carolina. This year’s award went to Bryan Cordell. Bryan is Executive Director of the Sustainability Institute in Charleston, which has been instrumental in making green building and sustainability efforts more visible across the state. The Sustainability Institute has grown from a team of two in 2006 to 16 today with a budget of over $1.7 million. The organization’s green’ workforce development program, has educated more than 8,000 people and certified over 235 in Building Performance Institute (BPI) standards for residential energy efficiency retrofit work. Their weatherization projects have documented energy savings of over $2 million. In addition to the USGBC-SC Board, Bryan has also served on a variety of other environmental boards and advisory committees. Bryan joined the USGBC‐SC Board in 2009, served on its membership committee, and Southeast Regional Committee (SERC). In 2010, the chapter elected Bryan President. During that year, USGBC national awarded the SC Chapter a grant helping it hire its first Executive Director. Bryan continues to serve as an elected representative to SERC, chairing its Community Engagement Committee in 2011 and 2012. In 2011, Bryan organized the first regional weatherization effort that coordinated USGBC Chapter volunteer‐led projects to weatherize the homes of low‐income families across the southeast.
The Exemplary Project Award recognizes outstanding projects with the ability to inspire others to pursue Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. The Exemplary Project award went to the Goodall Environmental Studies Center - Wofford College, Glendale Shoals. Receiving the award for Wofford College were Betty Montgomery, Trustee; Jason Burr, Associate VP of Facilities; and BG Stephens, retired faculty. Glendale Mill began operations in 1832, but closed in 1961. The property, suffered due to neglect and fire damage. In 2005, several local organizations and Wofford College alumni began a campaign to revitalize Glendale and to preserve the history and natural resources of Lawson’s Fork Creek. The mill office became the home for Wofford’s new Environmental Studies program, providing a clear example of sustainable design and creative historic preservation. The Center reestablished an identity for the community of Glendale and opened the beauty of Lawson’s Fork Creek—hidden for 100 years. In November 2010, the project achieved LEED Platinum Certification. Building highlights include:
• Uses 32% less energy than average buildings of the same size and type
• Uses 45% less potable (tap) water than average buildings of the same size and type
• Uses non‐potable water for toilet flushing and stored rainwater for irrigation
• A highly reflective “cool” roof reduces its heat island effect
• 78% of the Construction Waste was recycled (not sent to the landfill)
John Lane, Director of the Center and Wofford Professor of English said, “The LEED Platinum designation serves as an indication of Wofford’s leading role in sustainability. The LEED process is complex, but in the end, gratifying. The project is a great teaching tool; students can see the results in this efficient and beautiful building.”
This year’s Keith Sanders Service Award winner, named after one of the founding members who did about everything to keep the chapter moving, is Dan Gerst, the Chapter’s Communication Chair. Dan is a technology marketing professional, responsible for business intelligence, customer satisfaction, and market research at QS/1. Dan started serving the SC Chapter on the Upstate Steering Committee and as the Upstate Communications Chair in 2009. In 2010, the SC board elected Dan Communications Chair. He also took on the Communications Chair role for the Sustain SC 2010 Conference. Dan is now serving his third year as the SC Chapter Communications Chair. Denise said, “Using his professional expertise and unique motivational skills, Dan has formed a high functioning committee to serve the Chapter that would rival any Chapter in the country. Under his guidance, the Communications Committee has moved the Chapter forward with our website, emails, newsletters, public relations, social media, and research. We are very grateful to have Dan working for the greater good of the Chapter.”
Duke Energy sponsored the USGBC SC Leadership Awards program and Shawn Heath, VP of Sustainability for Duke Energy Carolinas said, “Duke has recently adopted an operating strategy that is good for people, the planet, and profits.” Duke Energy, of Charlotte, NC operates a diverse set of power generation assets in North America and Latin America, including a growing renewable energy portfolio.

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