South Carolina Health Cooperative Holding Open Enrollment During April and May

Date: April 4, 2012
Contact: Sandy Woodward, 864-710-0527
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The South Carolina Health Cooperative (SCHC), with offices in Seneca, Columbia and Charleston, is offering open enrollment to small businesses throughout the state of South Carolina through May 31 for health benefits to begin June 1.

A series of meetings will be held across the state beginning April 9 for business owners to learn more about the state’s first health insurance cooperative and complete the enrollment process. According to SCHC’s Chief Executive Office, Cooper Littlejohn, the board of directors has not yet scheduled additional enrollment periods.

“We encourage business owners to attend this round of meetings since we do not know when the next opportunity will occur,” he said.

The first health insurance cooperative approved by the South Carolina Department of Insurance, SCHC is breaking new ground with a unique employer-owned organization that puts control of one of the most challenging business decisions directly in the hands of the consumer. For the first time, members of non-related businesses with 2 to 50 employees can join together into one entity for the purpose of providing health benefits to their employees. In addition, the Co-op and its health plan are owned by the business owners whose companies are covered by the program. Members have a say in financial decisions and elect the organization’s board of directors.

Littlejohn said this direct involvement is particularly attractive to business owners.

“In our meetings with small business owners across the state, they have consistently told us that the ability to have a role in managing their health benefits is critical to their ability to manage their bottom line. While we believe we will offer significant savings on insurance premiums, the other benefits the Co-op offers are equally important,” Littlejohn said.

For more information about the meeting schedule and enrollment, visit the company’s website,, or call toll-free 888-721-2667.


About the South Carolina Health Cooperative (SCHC)
The South Carolina Health Cooperative is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to finding the best health benefits at the best price for its members, providing them with information about good health practices, and empowering them to make appropriate decisions about healthy living, the availability and quality of healthcare and managing the cost of healthcare.

The South Carolina Health Cooperative is a Cooperative which has been conditionally approved by the South Carolina Department of Insurance to begin enrollment to operate as a Multiple Employer Self-Insured Health Plan. The Cooperative has additional conditions that must be satisfied prior to final approval and licensure by the South Carolina Department of Insurance as a Multiple Employer Self-Insured Health Plan.

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