SCRA Welcomes Newest Tenant Companies to Columbia Innovation Center

Columbia, SC – April 25, 2012 – SCRA’s Technology Ventures sector, which manages the commercialization and economic development program SC Launch, held a networking reception and recognized the newest SCRA USC Innovation Center tenant companies. The event took place yesterday at the Innovation Center in Columbia, which doubles as SCRA’s corporate headquarters and houses the Technology Ventures sector.

The newest tenant companies include the following:

· Nitek is a pioneer in the field of III-N semiconductors with special emphasis on manufacturing deep UV light emitting diodes, UV laser diodes, high-voltage high- power electronics and next generation novel material substrates. The company was launched in early 2007 as a spin-off of The University of South Carolina’s (USC) Photonics and Microelectronics Laboratory (PML), with the goal of commercializing III-Nitride technologies.

· MicroVide was formed in 2008 for the purposes of advancing the basic discoveries regarding microdialysis and proteolytic pathways which were made by the principal inventor, founder and program director, Francis G. Spinale. MicroVide’s technology provides for a real-time measurement of critical drug levels in patients during surgical procedures or during delivery of drugs, monitoring for side-effects and toxicity. The flexibility of this technology to measure multiple markers of interest increases market applications to include cardiac surgery, surgical oncology and chemotherapy, orthopedic and osteoarthritic disease, metabolic diseases and initial drug screening and preclinical testing.

· Lightning Strike Research Facility is part of a broader activity named the "USC-Boeing Wheels-up Project focusing on Aerospace Composite Materials."

“We are delighted to welcome these companies to our Innovation Center and the innovation community in the Midlands,” said SCRA CEO Bill Mahoney. “These companies are advancing homegrown innovations to the market and will be active members of the Knowledge Economy in South Carolina.”


About SCRA

SCRA is an applied research corporation with over 29 years of experience delivering technology solutions with high returns on investment to federal and corporate clients. To fulfill our mission, SCRA has three sectors: Our Technology Ventures sector helps early-stage companies to commercialize innovations and create jobs, our Applied R&D sector manages over 100 national and international programs worth over $1.5 billion in contract value and our R&D Facilities sector builds and manages research facilities that include wet labs, secure rooms for sensitive work and advanced high-tech manufacturing shops. Multiple economic impact studies show SCRA’s cumulative impact on South Carolina’s economy to be over $14 billion.

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