IT-oLogy Awarded Przirembel Prize for Workforce Development

Columbia, SC – IT-oLogy was one of five organizations honored with the Przirembel Prize at InnoVenture’s 2012 annual conference in Greenville on Tuesday, May 8th. IT-oLogy received this award for its collaborative efforts in workforce development.

The Przirembel Prize is awarded each year to outstanding collaborations of diverse organizations that are significant in scope. The Przirembel Prize is awarded to not one company or organization, but to multiple bodies that have come together to exemplify best practices for collaboration. Over 100 companies, universities and organizations have joined forces at IT-oLogy to address the talent shortage in the information technology (IT) profession. IT-oLogy has identified programs to effectively increase the IT talent pipeline at the K-12 level, the post-secondary education level and the professional level.

“In three years, this collaborative effort has gone from a vision and a message to programs producing measurable results and improved IT skill sets resulting in business value,” said Lonnie Emard, Executive Director of IT-oLogy. “We are so thankful for this honor and want all of our partners to know how much they are appreciated.”

“InnoVenture was involved with early conversations that contributed to the creation of IT-oLogy. It is exciting to recognize their accomplishments through the 2012 Przirembel Prize. Many others have lots to learn from the best practices that IT-oLogy demonstrates as a significant collaboration of diverse organizations,” said John Warner, CEO of InnoVenture LLC which awards the annual Przirembel Prize.

IT-oLogy is a non-profit collaboration of businesses, academic institutions and other organizations dedicated to growing the IT talent pipeline and advancing the IT profession. IT-oLogy has three major initiatives: Promote IT (K-12 schools), Teach IT (Higher Education) and Grow IT (Professionals and Businesses).

For more information about IT-oLogy, visit or contact Powers Strickland at 803.354.5735 or [email protected].


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