Moore School to help global corporate execs tackle intellectual property strategy - June 14 – 15

By Peggy Binette, [email protected], 803-777-5400

Executives from U.S. and global companies will convene in Charleston, S.C. June 14 – 15, to discuss intellectual property strategies for driving economic competitiveness.

The executive briefing on “The Effects of IP on Corporate Performance,” which will take place at the Wild Dunes Resort, will feature keynote speakers Bill Coughlin, CEO of Ford Global Technologies, and Steve Landefeld, director of the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) in the U.S Department of Commerce.

The event is a collaboration of the Darla Moore School of Business and the College of Engineering and Computing at the University of South Carolina, and the National IP Taskforce, a 15-year-old consortium dedicated to organizational development in IP strategy and management.

Dirk Brown, director of the Faber Entrepreneurship Center at the Darla Moore School of Business and CEO of an international digital media technology company, said there is a growing need for business protocols that will improve the strategic management of IP assets nationally and globally.

“The majority of the value in almost every enterprise is in non-physical, intangible assets. That’s about 75 percent of the S&P 500 stocks. Business leaders need to understand how to best leverage and protect those intangible assets,” said Brown. “Intellectual property is simply legally-protected intangible assets. Companies that understand how to leverage an intellectual property strategy in their business planning consistently outperform their competitors. IP strategy is the responsibility of the operating executive, not their patent attorneys.”

At the executive briefing, Brown will discuss corporate strategy and the business of IP. USC recruited the Silicon Valley executive in 2011; he has joint appointments with the Moore School, the College of Engineering and Computing and Innovista, the university’s research and innovation district.

Coughlin will discuss how businesses can create new assets for corporate survival. He will discuss how Ford Global Technologies, which owns, manages and commercializes the patents and copyrights for Ford Motors, used its intellectual property to manage through the 2008 – 2009 financial crisis and emerged stronger as a result. Landefeld will discuss the importance of IP and innovation to economic growth. Before joining the BEA in 1995, Landefeld was chief of staff of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors.

USC deans Hildy Teegen of the Moore School and Anthony Ambler of the College of Engineering and Computing will speak at the briefing as well.

Details and online registration are available at For more information, call Brown at 803-777-1717 or Bob Shearer with the National IP Taskforce at 972-490-9100.
About the Darla Moore School of Business
The Darla Moore School of Business is among the highest-ranked business schools in the world for international business education and research. Founded in 1919, the school has a history of innovative educational leadership, blending academic preparation with real-world experience through internships, consulting projects, study-abroad programs and entrepreneurial opportunities. The Moore School offers undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees, as well as distinctive executive education programs. In 1998, the school was named for South Carolina native and New York financier Darla Moore, making the University of South Carolina the first major university to name its business school after a woman.

About the National Knowledge & Intellectual Property Management Taskforce
The taskforce has conducted research on IP business practices since its inception in 1998. Through research, collaboration and advocacy, the taskforce has advanced the understanding of executive and organization development of IP strategy as an economic driver and model for global competitiveness.

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