EO Charlotte Entrepreneurs Engage with Cameron Herold from 1-800-GOT-JUNK

Noted Entrepreneur Provides Insight on Building a $100 Million Business

CHARLOTTE, NC – June 12, 2012 – EO Charlotte, a chapter of the globally recognized Entrepreneurs’ Organization, recently discussed building a $100 million+ business with entrepreneur and leader of 1-800-GOT-JUNK, Cameron Herold. The discussion took place on the evening of June 5, 2012 at Byron’s at South End and provided an interactive setting where EO Charlotte members listened, learned, quizzed and applauded Mr. Herold as he told of his experiences in building his own business and his thoughts on the questions that challenge today’s entrepreneurs.

“This is the second time that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Cameron – the first time being the EO Global Leadership Conference in Vancouver – and I’m excited to apply a few more nuggets from his smart growth leadership experiences,” said EO Charlotte board member, Eric Dudley.

Cameron Herold is a three-time #1 rated lecturer at MIT’s Entrepreneurial Masters Program and a dynamic thought leader. His “From Zero to Good” discussion with EO Charlotte members included:

• Using “Painted Picture” visioning process to create total team alignment
• The importance of attracting, hiring and retaining top talent while removing low performers
• Reverse engineering long-term goals
• Skyrocketing productivity and profit
• Leveraging simple and easy to implement technology to drive growth

As a bonus, each member in attendance received a copy of Cameron Herold’s book,Double Double: How to Double Your Revenue and Profit in Three Years or Less.
EO Charlotte believes in entrepreneurs learning from the experiences of others to grow their companies and to continuously improve their individual leadership skills. The organization’s goal is to be a continuous source of value to its members, offering them business-centric education and leadership training as well as access to some of the area’s most sought out events, venues and people.

About EO & EO Charlotte
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