Jackrabbit Technologies Unveils Staff Time Clock Feature

New Payroll Tracking Capabilities Quickly Win Praise from Users

CHARLOTTE, NC – June 12, 2012 - Jackrabbit Technologies, leading provider of web-based solutions for youth sports & activities centers, recently released its Staff Time Clock feature for users of its business management system. The new feature will enable owners and managers of gyms, studios, schools and activities facilities to aggregate accurate and standardized data and automate its delivery to their payroll systems. Jackrabbit’s customers own and manage organizations that provide learning in the gymnastics, dance, cheer, music, martial arts and camp markets.

Staff Time Clock enables employees to log and track their time in the employee portal. This does not replace payroll capabilities, but provides payroll systems with accurate pre-payroll information. Employee activities can be broken down to accommodate tracking by varying pay rates or duties and will note instructor availability and class instruction times. This is a significant enhancement that Jackrabbit offers at no additional charge to clients.

Jackrabbit provided a limited release of the Staff Time Clock to gain valuable feedback and tweak subtleties of the feature before its general release. Response to the new capabilities has been very positive:

“We were excited to try out the new Staff Time Clock with JackRabbit. We see huge potential to save time and money and be more efficient as we grow,” comments Meg Roundy of Kings Swim Academy. “We love that Jackrabbit takes our individual needs into consideration when designing great tools for schools like ours so that it accommodates the way we do business.”

“We saw the enhancement alert yesterday and immediately noticed that we had the functionality in our system. Now I can get rid of the additional expense of the online Time Clock we’ve been using. Kudos, Jackrabbit!” comments Jamie Crippin, Hearts In Motion Baton, Dance & Cheer Center.

“The new Jackrabbit Staff Time Clock is a great tool for managing our staffing hours Thanks to Jackrabbit for creating a system we could set up in just a few hours and begin monitoring the very next day. Adding Staff Time Clock has made our Jackrabbit dashboard a hub for managing our staff and students!” Karen King, U.S. Swim Academy

“It is a great feeling to complete a significant enhancement that will provide such tremendous benefits to our clients,” says Mark Mahoney, Jackrabbit’s President and CoFounder. “We listen and act on what we hear to continue to help our clients simplify and improve their operations so they can concentrate on their students and curriculum.”

About Jackrabbit Technologies

Jackrabbit Technologies [www.Jackrabbittech.com] provides web-based class management and billing systems for class-based organizations including gymnastics and cheer gyms, dance studios, martial arts schools, music schools, swim schools and businesses offering combinations of these activities. Jackrabbit develops solutions rich in features, such as enrollment management, billing, online registration and customer portals that enable organizations to better manage and grow their businesses and offers an instructional site, www.JackrabbitSchool.com to provide customers with self-help customization guidance. Jackrabbit Technologies’ solutions are provided as a service (Software as a Service - SaaS model).

More information is available about Jackrabbit’s web-based solution and feature set at www.JackrabbitTech.com.

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