Ever-Green Recycling Certifies Waste Reduction Program For Clear Talk

GREENVILLE, SC – Ever-Green Recycling has implemented a waste reduction program for Clear Talk, a wireless telephone service provider in Greenville. The program is designed to reduce waste sent to area landfills by recycling of cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum, according to Ever-Green President and Ecopreneur Elizabeth Garrison.

β€œAt Clear Talk, we believe that everyone should do their share to help the environment, so we have made recycling at our work place mandatory and we encourage our employees to do the same at home,” said CFO Adilia Aguilar. Clear Talk also encourages recycling of unused wireless phones to reduce toxic landfill waste, and prints its brochures on paper containing post-consumer recycled waste with soy ink, Aguilar said.

To learn more about Clear Talk's commitment to the environment, visit

A local leader in recycling services, Ever-Green Recycling specializes in commercial recycling for offices, restaurants, hotels and medical facilities. The company also offers special services that include pick up and recycling of high-volume cardboard and industrial plastics, and composting. Founded by Garrison in 2007, Ever-Green Recycling also holds educational training for companies on how and what to recycle. For more information, call 864-230-9800 or visit www.ever-greenrecycling.com.

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