Kate Fowler, from the first class of Rock Creek Craftsmen’s Internship Program, secures job from National Park Service

Kate Fowler, 27, firmly believes that she scored her current position as a Resource Management Assistant at Fort Sumter National Monument, a unit of the National Park Service, because of her previous working experience with Rock Creek Craftsmen as an intern and then employee.
“Fort Sumter’s Resource Management Division cares for all of the natural and cultural resources at Fort Sumter, Fort Moultrie, and Charles Pinckney National Historic Site, a big part of which is of course the preservation of historic structures themselves,” says Fowler.
While working with Rock Creek Craftsmen on the From Slavery to Freedom slave cabin project at Magnolia Plantation in 2008, Fowler gained valuable, hands-on experience in historic preservation and restoration techniques. “The owner of Rock Creek Craftsmen, Kevin Meek, and my supervisor, Sean Connelly, both were really great about making sure that I was involved in every step of preserving the cabins.” Fowler participated in everything from researching historic materials, to actual construction.
Although her current job with the National Park Service is less hands-on—Fowler works with large preservation projects. She maintains that the knowledge of the Historic Preservation field she gained while with Rock Creek Craftsmen has enabled her to better understand the challenges that come with the care of historic structures, and how to overcome them. “Helping to ensure that Fort Sumter doesn’t sink into Charleston Harbor is a big job,” Fowler laughingly stated, “but I feel that my experience with Rock Creek Craftsmen gave me a leg up.” Fowler recently graduated from College of Charleston and The Citadel’s joint Masters of History program, and aspires to turn her job with the National Park Service into a career.
Kevin Meek and the Rock Creek Craftsmen team congratulates Ms. Fowler on securing an excellent position preserving our past for the National Park Service.

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