Solar on the Rise!

In todays time we need to realize that there is more we can do to help ourselves plus help our enviroment at the same time. With or free sun in the sky we have the oppertunity of a lifetime, with and abundance of free electricity to tap into for us and our future generation, to break our dependancy on coal, oil and nuclear energy sources. Duke energy is our main provider for electricity in South Carolina. With the cost of solar dropping everyday solar becomes more affordable for the average home and business owner. With the state offering a 25% tax rebate and the federal offering a 30% tax rebate helps defer the cost even more. You can off set your power bill in increments of many levels, depending on the amounts of solar you choose. Imagine a lower power bill or even a pay check from your utility company. Sounds amazing to me! You can do a sell-all and still pay a much lower power bill but the pay off is higher per kila-watt-hour. This means your power meter can be slowed down or even make it run backwards. Sounds Heavenly! You can actually get completly off-grid so you have no ties to the utility company. The grid-tie systems offer a chance to stay connected to the power company or the Co-op. On average Columbia gets 218 days of sunlight each year. Solar can even be collected on cloudy days. There are flat plate collectors and tracking collectors that follow the sun. The solar panels can be put on rooftops or on the ground on custom built mounts. The voltage regulator system is also used to lower the power bill by 10% a year. The inverter converts the DC power to AC. You store the solar energy collected using battery storage systems. The great thing about solar cells themselves they have no moving parts. so this calls for little or no maintence. Today is our chance to make a difference here at home. Power produced from solar is clean, renewable and doesen't pollute our air. So make the right choice and go solar. Free electricity its your choice!

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