Governor Haley Awards Stephen Graef with Order of the Silver Crescent

Greenville, S.C. (June 26, 2012) – Dr. Stephen P. Graef, former Technical Service Director and Environmental Consultant for Renewable Water Resources (ReWa), was recently recognized for his long running, outstanding service to the community. SC Governor Nikki Haley awarded Graef with the Order of the Silver Crescent.

The Order of the Silver Crescent is awarded to residents of South Carolina for exemplary performance, contribution and achievement within the community. It is the state’s highest award for volunteer and/or community service. The award recognized Graef’s career-long dedication to promoting environmental stewardship.

During his time at ReWa, Graef directed five departments of varying types—all the way from engineering expansions and monitoring to laboratory implementation and programming. In addition to this multi-faceted role, Graef was responsible for the oversight of 17 satellite collections systems, leading him to take the lead of a 5-year Capital Improvement Plan. This $350 million dollar program included the expansion of 6 regional wastewater treatment plants and 3 major trunk sewer projects—all directed, planned and designed with Graef at the forefront. Through his knowledge and expertise in all dimensions of the industry, Graef has not only designed the blueprints for improvement, but also implemented the forward-thinking projects that have improved the wastewater industry and treatment options within South Carolina—now and for the future.

Moreover, Graef’s commitment to better this industry and our state’s role within it has not stopped with ReWa. He currently serves as a utility operations and engineering consultant—taking on roles as both an expert witness for the wastewater industry and as an agency liaison for municipalities and public works within South Carolina.

Renewable Water Resources (ReWa)
ReWa’s goal is to promote a cleaner environment, and to protect the public health and water quality of the Upstate waterways, while providing and developing the necessary sewer infrastructure for the growing economy. ReWa serves more than 400,000 industrial, commercial and residential customers in Greenville County and parts of Anderson, Spartanburg, Pickens and Laurens Counties.


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