Building on the Knowledge Economy: Emerald Endeavors moves its corporate headquarters to Greenville, SC

Making the move...

Emerald has completed its corporate move to Greenville and getting
settled in the Upstate area. This means great synergies are ahead for
us by being in close proximity to our research efforts. Jerry Foster
brings Matt Tringali and John Printy to the Greenville, SC area from
Tallahassee, FL. Matt will be assisting in managing operations and
finance and John will be assisting Jerry with business development

Adding to the Board...

We have added two new members to the Board of Directors and we are
pleased to announce Irvine "Irv" T. Welling III, CPA and Dr. John
Ballato of Clemson.

Mr. Welling brings 35 years of CPA and industry experience with his
general inquisitive nature and curious mind. This makes Irv an
excellent addition to the board.
Dr. John Ballato makes a key addition to the Board and also sits as the
Chair of Emerald's Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Ballato is the
Director and a Professor at Clemson University's Center for Optical
Materials Science and Engineering Technologies and brings a wealth of
knowledge and relevant technical expertise. He will continue assisting
in the collaboration efforts and we are pleased to welcome him to Team

Hit the ground running...

We are both humbled and very excited about the opportunity to work with
both the University of South Carolina and Clemson University and we are
looking forward to more in the future.
We will be working with the University of South Carolina to test the
sensor materials and discover new materials for next generation

We will be working with the Clemson University to optimize the sensor
technology and make it ready for production scale operations.

Own the technology...

Emerald has filed its own Intellectual Property (IP) patent application
and with this is poised to reap the full potential of the technology in
this market and others to come. We will study new industry
opportunities and conduct development in line with our technical

Know the technology...

Emerald’s proprietary and unique multi-variable gas sensor enables a
new level of in-situ gas measurement with its unique multi-gas sensor
technology enabling high precision, fast response measurement of the
concentration of up to nine gases at temperatures over 900°C. Emerald's
Surface Mount Active Refractory Technology (SMART) gas sensors are
ideal for high temperature "in situ" real-time and highly accurate
measurements of up to 9 gases all using solid-state ceramic materials
typically reserved for expensive and bulky Laser spectroscopy
technology. Traditionally ceramic gas sensors have had drawbacks
because of long response times, poor sensitivity, interference, and
crosss sensitivities each of which Emerald's SMART gas sensors overcome
each of these deficiencies. By using these advanced solid-state
materials Emerald offers a cheaper, better, and faster technique for
measuring and controlling for multi-variable gas species in harsh high
temperature environments.

The Upstate family...

Emerald presented to SC Launch and is excited about the potential of
working with the organization to assist in funding R&D collaboration
efforts. SC Launch is a private, not-for-profit affiliate of the South
Carolina Research Authority (SCRA) and a key program of SCRA's
Technology Ventures division.

CEO's corner...

Please join us in welcoming Dr. John Ballato and Mr. Irvine T. Welling
III. We appreciate your continued support for Team Emerald as we put
down roots in our new home.

At Emerald Endeavors, our world is clean,

Jerome Foster

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