Furman University Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Sustainability

Center for Corporate and Professional Development

Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Sustainability

Fall 2012

Corporate sustainability is being readily embraced because it makes business sense and because it is the right thing to do. The “triple bottom line” impact of increasing revenues, decreasing costs and enhancing corporate social responsibility are attractive to the corporate board of directors and shareholders. If an initiative cannot be justified from a strategic, financial, operational, and organizational culture perspective, then it should not be undertaken.

Area organizations like BMW, Bon Secours St. Francis, SAGE Automotive Interiors, Michelin, Bank of America, Mitsubishi, FLUOR and Sealed Air are showing how sustainability strategies are cutting costs, growing markets, strengthening brand, and gaining competitive advantage. There are few, if any, other strategies that businesses could consider today that can have the multi-valued outcomes of sustainability. Many companies who understand and adopt a sustainability strategy that is relevant to its organization and industry are clearly illustrating that sustainability is no longer a “nice to do” program in good times, but a key ingredient to succeeding in the new, reset economy.

Sustainability is multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary. Every aspect of an organization can identify a business reason for becoming more sustainable. Green marketing, green accounting, reducing energy and water consumption, carbon foot-printing, and life-cycle analysis, are fast becoming the language of those who are responsible for implementing sustainable business practices; however, there is a dearth of available academic and corporate education programs to provide the knowledge and skills for turning “table talk” into sustainable business strategies and tactics.

The challenge is that "going green" can be difficult if one does not have the tools, techniques, and thinking required for a successful transformation. To this end, the Center for Corporate and Professional Development, in cooperation with the David E. Shi Center for Sustainability at Furman University, has developed the Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Sustainability.

Key Learning and Application Outcomes:

•Overview of sustainability, a process on how best to define and determine applicability to your business.
•Understanding corporate sustainability as a basis to realize a competitive business advantage in the global marketplace.
•Definition and detailed review of major practices in sustainability.
•Review of key drivers in existence and on the horizon that may influence your business.
•Defining and applying corporate sustainability to the business in terms of:How to assess and define sustainable business practices as it pertains to your business and industry.
•How to determine which sustainable business practices make the most sense in terms of realizing an effective return on investment.
•Deciding which tools are most appropriate to understand and utilize.
•Implementation of methods to ensure sustainability becomes an ongoing strategic business process.
•An individual “capstone” organizational project which will be submitted to the program facilitation team for evaluation and critique.
•Participants will also make a class presentation on their capstone project at conclusion of the program, with invitations extended to the senior management team in their respective organizations to attend.

I highly encourage your organization to send a participant to Fall 2012 class of the Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Sustainability. The ideal candidates are senior administration and a sustainability practitioner who is responsible for implementing your corporate sustainability strategy.

Please contact me by telephone (864) 294-3136 or by e-mail at [email protected] if you would like to learn more about this exciting program which begins September 6th, 2012.

Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Sustainability: Fall 2012 Class Schedule

Module 1: September 6th & 7th
Module 2: September 27th & 28th
Module 3: October 18th & 19th
Module 4: November 15th & 16th
Module 5: December 6th & 7th
Graduation: December 7th

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