INSite Business Solutions and Chronotek Partner to Develop Scheduling Component for Telephone Time and Attendance Solution

Former Partners Rekindle Relationship to Enhance Solution for Chronotek Clients
Charlotte, NC – July 31, 2012 – INSite Business Solutions and Chronotek are teaming up again to develop a scheduling component for Chronotek’s telephone time and attendance solution. Fully integrated scheduling will provide better decision making and people management to system users. For Chronotek, taking its solution to the next level meant investing in development. Chronotek could choose to use internal resources, partner with an existing solution provider or outsource development. Brandon Fox, Chronotek’s founder, chose to work with his former partner, John Blomberg, and engaged INSite Business Solutions as his software development resource.
INSite Business Solutions is a leading provider of innovative web solutions serving clients whose needs demand customized application development. Chronotek is the attendance solution market leader in developing and providing telephone time clock systems.
According to Brandon, INSite Business Solutions is highly qualified to perform the coding portion of the development project. However, the INSite team possesses qualities that Brandon believes are generally missing from the average developer teams:
• A business analysis foundation
• Proven experience in planning, designing, building and implementing complex functionality
• A history of 100% project success
Brandon looked to his past to determine the future. His history with INSite’s President, John Blomberg, made the decision simple. As former partners, John and Brandon founded INSite to build custom technology solutions that were catalysts to their client’s market growth. Brandon narrowed his focus to continue developing Chronotek, which he had previously begun and had spent the last ten years building into industry-leading telephone time-keeping technology and service. John continued building INSite into a well-respected and successful web-based application development firm.
A key component of INSite’s success record is its team leadership. In addition to John’s noted expertise and experience, Tom Metz, INSite’s Product Owner and lead for the Chronotek project, is uniquely adept in business analysis, software development and project management and is responsible for ensuring that everyone involved, including Chronotek, adheres to INSite’s model for success.
“A true difference-maker reveals itself during the process. INSite makes a personal investment in each project. They are committed to our success as partners,” adds Beth Chambers, Chronotek’s Operations Manager. “Their project management and business analysis focus supports a process of constant communication. They report challenges as quickly as progress and seek the best paths to success. Their methods push collaboration and this keeps the teams in sync throughout the project cycle.”
“Although we’re only partially through the process with INSite, we have total confidence in what we’re doing. We are beta testing our first deliverables and see success on the horizon,” comments Brandon. “Because of the process and methodology that INSite uses and Tom’s leadership in guiding the project, the end-result is not a surprise. The analysis lays the foundation. When it is time for development to begin, the team executes on what has been painstakingly analyzed, researched and designed.”
“INSite works hard to provide true project application development. In doing so, we release clients from managing their ‘outsourced’ projects and allow them to observe and provide input to a team of analysts, developers and project managers who knew how to efficiently and effectively produce functionality they expect,” John offers. “And throughout the process, our clients can maintain focus on the continuous development and support of their own core products and services.”
About Chronotek
Chronotek services hundreds of businesses with its industry leading Telephone Time Clock System designed to help track, manage and report on remote employees. Founded in 1995, Chronotek puts support first, serving clients nationwide, in Canada, Puerto Rico and parts of the United Kingdom. Simplifying time and attendance, Chronotek’s telephone time clock software accurately tracks employee time when employees call to clock in and out from any phone, and exports the hours in detail or summary, calculating regular hours and overtime. Clients benefit from reduced payrolls by paying from accurate timecards, less payroll administration, and enhanced field communication.

About INSite Business Solutions
INSite Business Solutions is an Internet business consulting firm that is passionate about creating innovative web solutions for end users. Being a leading web design company, INSite has set an industry high standard in providing custom web design and website development services to its clients. INSite develops unique internet-based applications for clients representing multiple vertical markets and has a loyal client base and growing portfolio of developed and hosted mission-critical applications. InSite’s custom programs integrate back-office software to Internet-based front-office products, resulting in a centralized information database that saves clients time and money.

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