Swamp Fox connects people with great ideas
to customers, capital, talent and technology.

Why the name "Swamp Fox?"

People in the Swamp Fox Community connect at the intersections of diverse organizations, sparking an explosion of opportunity. They are kindred spirits with the original Swamp Fox, creating value through innovative strategies that define the future.

During the American Revolution, the British had the best trained, best equipped military on the planet. American General Francis Marion's brigade of one-hundred and fifty tattered and penniless irregulars, some white, some black, was able to neutralize this overwhelming force by using a new technology, rifles, deployed with a strategy he developed, guerilla warfare. Marion was one of the Revolution’s boldest and most creative leaders–The Swamp Fox.

Swamp Fox Team

The Swamp Fox Community is produced by InnoVenture LLC, whose management team includes:.

John Warner, is founder of InnoVenture, which connects passionate champions with big visions and often limited resources with the customers, capital, talent and technology they need to Create the Future. John publishes the Swamp Fox website and weekly updates to 10,000 email subscribers and 60,000 public radio listeners. John is a recognized leader in the southeastern innovation and entrepreneurial community. He has twenty-seven years of experience in leadership positions as senior manager of KPMG, a global professional services firm; President and co-founder of Capital Insights, a successful SC venture capital firm; Chairman of Earth Fare, a highly successful entrepreneurial company, VP of KEMET, a global NYSE manufacturer, and Hoowaki, a technology start-up company. He has held numerous community leadership positions and has won several awards for his work. (See resume)