BellSouth Enhances Customers Dial-Up Internet Experience With Free BellSouth Accelerator Technology


COLUMBIA, SC - October 15, 2003 - BellSouth (NYSE: BLS) today announced new bundling options for BellSouth? Dial Internet Service and immediate availability of free BellSouth? Accelerator Technology. New BellSouth AnswersSM bundles feature unlimited dial-up Internet service from BellSouth for as little as $4.95 per month. Plus, both new and existing BellSouth Dial Internet Service customers can accelerate their Web experience via software that provides much faster Web browsing than regular 56K dial-up connections.

Recent changes in the BellSouth Answers bundle are a dynamic move in BellSouth's strategy to strengthen its competitive position and retain customers by providing greater flexibility and increasing overall savings to consumers on their monthly communications services, including Internet services. Unlimited BellSouth Dial Internet Service is now as low as $4.95 when purchased as part of qualifying BellSouth Answers bundles and calling plans such as BellSouth? Unlimited Long Distance or BellSouth? Area Plus? with Complete Choice?plan. BellSouth Dial Internet Service is $9.95 for customers with the BellSouth? Complete Choice? plan and only $14.95 without additional BellSouth calling plans or features when billed to a BellSouth telephone bill. Credit card billing is also available for $20.95 per month. All bundling options are available at under the "Residential Services" tab or by calling 800-436-8638.

BellSouth Accelerator Technology is a software program that significantly improves Web browsing over dial-up connections. This enhancement, available to BellSouth Dial Internet Service subscribers as a free download at, provides customers with increased dial-up performance. Furthermore, BellSouth is one of the few major Internet Service Providers to have upgraded its entire dial-up network to V.92 modem technology. V.92 is a new modem standard that offers faster initial connections, faster downloads and the ability for customers to place their Internet connection on hold while making or receiving phone calls.

"Simply stated, BellSouth now offers faster dial-up Internet service at an amazing value. When combined with BellSouth's support of the V.92 modem standard, BellSouth Accelerator Technology provides a faster dial-up Internet experience for as low as $4.95 per month," said Hank Fisher, BellSouth executive director in South Carolina. "BellSouth is focused on delivering superior Internet service and features for both dial-up and DSL customers. Whether customers' needs require dial-up or broadband, BellSouth has a service designed to meet all levels of Internet usage. When customers bundle their Internet service with other telecommunications services from BellSouth, their
savings are even greater."

BellSouth Accelerator Technology works by speeding both the delivery and display of Web pages using a combination of compression and caching of text and graphics data, both at the PC and through the BellSouth network. The benefits are most pronounced when viewing dynamic HTML pages, which include the most popular Web pages. A performance meter is included in the software so customers can view statistical data about their speed enhancements. While BellSouth Accelerator Technology does improve the viewing of websites usingӪ a dial-up connection, it does not provide the true capabilities of a high-speed DSL connection, like BellSouth? FastAccess? DSL, which include ultra-fast downloading of files, the ability to play high quality streaming media and online gaming.

Downloading time for BellSouth Accelerator Technology software varies depending on the speed of users' modems and processing speed of their computers, but averages only five to ten minutes via a dial-up modem. BellSouth Accelerator Technology works with the most common Internet browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer (5.0+) and Netscape (version 4.7 or later).

BellSouth also makes it easy to switch from other dial-up providers, including AOL, MSN, EarthLink and Yahoo!, with the newly enhanced BellSouth? Welcome Service. BellSouth Welcome Service sends customers' new BellSouth e-mail addresses to their contacts, forwards e-mail messages from their old email addresses and helps cancel service with the previous Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Customers can access BellSouth Welcome Service online at

Customers Can Choose the BellSouth Internet Service That's Right for Them

BellSouth provides a complete menu of Internet solutions for residential customers, including:

  • BellSouth Dial Internet Service -- BellSouth Dial Internet Service and support of the faster V.92 modem standard, all for as low as $4.95 per month for unlimited use.
  • BellSouth FastAccess DSL Lite -- DSL Lite delivers download speeds of up to 256Kbps and upload speeds of up to 128Kbps.
  • BellSouth FastAccess DSL -- BellSouth FastAccess DSL provides maximum download speeds of up to 1.5Mbps and upload speeds of up to 256Kbps
  • BellSouth FastAccess HomeNetworking Plus Service - HomeNetworking Plus enables subscribers to share FastAccess DSL with up to four computers over a home network.
  • BellSouth provides dial-up Internet service to approximately 95 percent of its region and DSL service to more than 70 percent of the households and businesses in its nine-state operating area in the Southeast. As of July 23, 2003 (reported in second quarter earnings), BellSouth serves more than 1.2 million DSL customers throughout its region.

About BellSouth Corporation
BellSouth Corporation is a Fortune 100 communications services company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. BellSouth serves more than 45 million local,long distance, Internet and wireless customers in the United States and 14 other countries.

Consistently recognized for customer satisfaction, BellSouth provides a full array of broadband data solutions to large, medium and small businesses. In the residential market, BellSouth offers DSL high-speed Internet access, advanced voice features and other services. BellSouth also offers long distance service throughout its markets, serving both business and residential customers. The company's BellSouth AnswersSM package combines local and long distance service with an array of calling features; wireless data, voice and e-mail services; and high-speed DSL or dial-up Internet service. BellSouth also provides online and directory advertising services through BellSouth RealPages.comSM and The Real Yellow Pages.

BellSouth owns 40 percent of Cingular Wireless, the nation's second largest
wireless company, which provides innovative data and voice services.

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