Bob Faith-We must be bold and aggressive to improve South Carolina economy

We must be bold and aggressive to improve South Carolina economy

Change is difficult, but the status quo has proven to be terribly expensive
here in South Carolina. Our workers make only 80 percent of the average U.S.
salary, and that gap is getting larger, as wages nationally grow more rapidly
than ours.
The governor's new budget is the exact opposite of the status quo. It fulfills
Sanford's campaign promise to bring fresh ideas and strong actions to the
state. We should all applaud Gov. Sanford's willingness to do the research, set
priorities, propose bold changes, and push accountability for ensuring that the
taxpayer's money is spent sensibly and strategically.
The governor understands that for South Carolina to thrive, we have to take
risks and accept change. One of the best ways we can raise income levels in our
state is by using new approaches and tools for economic development. We need to
transform our governmental mechanism from a slow-moving, change-resistant relic
to an innovative, high-performance jet engine.
We must make smart decisions about where taxpayers' money can be used for the
greatest effect. We must stop throwing money and incentives at any business
that looks in our direction, but instead target our resources and incentives on
those businesses that would provide the greatest boost to our state's standard
of living. We must create a regulatory environment that supports start-ups and
encourages expansions and upgrades. Finally, we can't spend one dime on excess
administration or duplication of services. Our government can't afford to be
unwieldy or unfocused; that's what brought us the stagnant economy and major
job losses we face today.
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