MegaWest Practice Management Software to be Introduced at MGMA Conference

COLUMBIA, S.C., Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Attendees at the Medical Group Management Association's (MGMA) annual conference next week will get a sneak preview of the browser-based MegaWest Practice Management System from Companion Technologies.

Due for release in mid 2003, MegaWest will deliver on the vision of a browser-based, mission-critical application for group practice management. The new version is fully compatible with the current MegaWest version, making the transition seamless for current clients and giving future clients more flexibility when implementing the system. Physician organizations will be able to access MegaWest using a Web browser.

With 20 years experience, Companion Technologies is a leading provider of open architecture technologies for physician practices. The company has aligned with leading industry vendors, including IBM and Sun Microsystems, to deliver this state-of-the-art browser-based practice management system to its healthcare clients

"Most applications operate on just one platform, but group practices often are on a combination of technologies and need flexibility in their applications so they don't have to make another investment in hardware, networks or software. We don't know of any national product other than MegaWest that offers this flexibility to doctors offices," said Scott Cheney, strategic projects vice president.

"MegaWest is one of the most robust applications on the market. Adding a browser-based component embraces today's technology and anticipates what doctor's offices will need in the future. Companion Technologies has leapt ahead of the industry," said Craig Klein, marketing vice president.

MegaWest includes a core package of A/R billing, patient master, claims processing, system security, reporting and enterprise profiler, appointment scheduling and optional modules for orthopedic practices, community health centers, advanced collections, advance patient recall, medical records, imaging (MegaImage) and storing of electronic medical record text, and electronic remittance of claims.

It can be viewed Oct 27-30 at the MGMA conference in Las Vegas in Companion Technologies' booth #926. Also on demonstration in the booth will be MD Rover, which is the MegaWest interface for Palm hand-held computers, and the electronic medical record software MedicWare 5.0, which also is available for use on the iPAQ handheld computer.

Companion Technologies , based in Columbia, S.C., provides physician organizations with financial, clinical, operational and managed care information management services, from practice management systems, electronic medical records and electronic data interchange solutions to hardware and network services.

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