Gore Fields a Crop of Farmers Queries on QuickFarm.Com

Gore Fields a Crop of Farmers' Queries on QuickFarm.Com

CHARLESTON, S.C., Nov. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- With Election 2000 only days
away, and the presidential candidates' campaigns now on their last leg, Vice-
President Al Gore is reaching out to farmers across America via the Internet
to address their most pressing political concerns. With the number of farmers
online having doubled in the last two years, the Internet has become an
effective tool for spreading information to rural communities-a tool that
would have had little impact just four years ago.
Last month, farmers submitted their questions to Mr. Gore on
QuickFarm.com. Gore's answers to selected questions are posted on QuickFarm's
web site at http://www.quickfarm.com/spotlight.asp . The site has also taken
questions for Governor George W. Bush, whose answers will be posted in the
coming days.
One of the top concerns among participating farmers was the future of the
Estate Tax. An Oklahoma farmer states, "My farm has been in our family for
four generations, and we eventually want to pass it on to my son. However,
the Estate Tax is putting a huge economic burden on our family business. What
are your plans for this enormous problem?" Gore responded citing his official
policy, "Although I oppose the total elimination of estate taxes, ... I am
committed to seeing more fairness in our inheritance laws." Gore's proposal
includes increasing the Qualified Family Owned Business Interest from $1.3M to
$2.5M as well as allowing married couples to exempt up to $5M of small
business and family farm assets from the Estate Tax. Under this proposal more
than 70% of small businesses and more than 95% of family farms would be
eligible to have their estate taxes eliminated immediately.
QuickFarm President, Mason Pope, comments, "Recruiting the candidates to
address our members' political concerns reinforces QuickFarm's reputation as a
farmer-centric web site. We are committed to introducing the advantages of
the Web to farmers and feel that the ability to communicate in this medium is
a great benefit to their interests."
Founded in the summer of 1999, QuickFarm, the farmer's web site, has
become one of the leading online farm input exchanges whereby purchasers and
distributors can buy and sell inputs via a fully integrated marketplace.
Additionally, it provides essential agricultural information to registered
farmers across the United States.

SOURCE QuickFarm.com
Web Site: http://www.quickfarm.com

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