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Health Language Inc. Licenses Consumer Healthcare Terms For Use In Cyber+LE
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Nov 20, 2000 03:01 PM ET Business Wire
AURORA, Colo., Nov 20, 2000 (BW HealthWire) -- Health Language Inc., the
world's leading supplier of healthcare terminology tools, today announced that
it has executed a licensing agreement with Primetime Medical Software Inc. of
Columbia, S.C., for use of its master database of consumer medical terms most
commonly used by patients, consumers and non-medical personnel.
"Now consumer Web sites can offer dramatically improved searches and consumer
health applications can provide more intelligent functionality," commented
George T. Schwend, president/COO of Health Language Inc. "Our Cyber+LE
technology already provided superior search responses -- for example, by
knowing that matches for the word 'aspirin' should also include matches for the
words 'acetasalicylic acid,' because they are, in fact, the same core medical
concept. By taking Primetime's list of terms and mapping them into our
structured knowledge representation, we get the enormous benefit of opening up
our modeled medical knowledge with a strong consumer orientation."
"This is revolutionary," said Allen Wenner, MD, vice president of Clinical
Application Design for Primetime Medical Software Inc. "Consumers can suddenly
move through the medical world with greater ease and knowledge. The medical
community had a cloak of secrecy because of the vocabulary -- you couldn't
understand it as a consumer. The advent of a consumer vocabulary into the
Cyber+LE medical knowledge server is the 'Rosetta Stone' for the
consumerization of healthcare. It will be a fulcrum in the shift from a
provider-centric health care system to a patient-centered one."
"Finally, the patient's voice is enabled in the medical record and given the
same weight as 'objective' information," said Art Gleiner, M.D., Primetime's
vice president for Clinical Affairs. "Now we will be able to look at medical
outcomes in a rigorous and structured way, and remove the variability of the
traditional history-taking process from the list of sources of medical errors."
Health Language Inc., was formed earlier this year to address the needs of the
health data supply chain across healthcare by providing state-of-the-art
technology for indexing, unifying and managing all healthcare information,
regardless of platform, application or locale. Its premiere product, Cyber+LE,
is a software infrastructure product that standardizes the vast and often
confusing number of medical and billing codes used to document patient care.
This capability enables healthcare providers, researchers and payors to analyze
coded patient data more quickly and accurately on an enterprise-wide basis.
Additionally, Cyber+LE permits IT and application vendors to manage information
virtually without regard for operating system, hardware platform or database
structure through support for EJB and standard middleware connectivity.
Primetime Medical Software Inc., designs clinical infrastructure tools for
e-health applications, electronic medical record manufacturers and practicing
physicians. Primetime contact: Art Gleiner, MD, Primetime Medical Software Inc.
( 803/796-7980
About Health Language Inc.
Health Language Inc. is a software infrastructure company that services the
healthcare industry. Cyber+LE, the company's Web-enabled product, creates a
common medical index across disparate healthcare information systems, allowing
for comprehensive integrated and intelligent management of all health data.
Health Language, based in Aurora, Colo., is a CyberPlus Company
( Further information on Health Language Inc. is available
at or by calling 303/307-4400.
CONTACT: Health Language Inc., Aurora Christopher Little, 978/463-7876
[email protected]
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