Hickory, NC, Implements e-Government Module to Improve Customer Service

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Hickory, NC, Implements e-Government Module to Improve Customer Service

COLUMBIA, SC - April 30, 2001 - e-Government services provider VC3 announced
today that the City of Hickory, NC, went live with a portion of the
GovHost.com product suite this month. The GovHost.CitizenRequest module, which
is accessed via the city's web site (www.hickorygov.com), allows
citizens to request city services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The module was
launched following discovery consulting and training period by VC3, and
a two-year search for a better means to record and track citizen requests by
Hickory leaders. The system has received over 300 requests in April for
various city services. With implementation of the module complete, the city has
a growing, centralized database of citizen requests, enabling it to
better track service problem areas and citizen concerns.

Hickory is currently identifying and prioritizing how the city will proceed
with its e-Government initiatives, and will most likely expand its
e-Government services to include online utility bill payments, permit requests
and approval permits, and registration for city programs.

"Mainly we wanted our citizens to be able to request services and then track
the status of requests from their own homes," said Warren Wood, assistant
city manager for the City of Hickory. "Long-term, we wanted a solution we could
use as a management tool to determine citizen concerns and locate
areas that need further services. After an extensive search, the GovHost.com
solution was the only one that provided us with all the tools needed to
complete this initiative."

Before implementing GovHost.CitizenRequest, the city manually tracked phone
requests, which did not allow for reporting or archiving information. The
new module enables citizens to request attention to city services such as
pothole repairs, streetlight outage, sidewalk damage, and trash pickup. When
a citizen makes a request, it is routed to the correct city department to be
addressed. The citizen receives email notifications as to the status of the
request, and the request is then archived in a centralized database with other
phone and in-person requests.

"The City of Hickory had a clear idea of what they wanted when they approached
us last year for an e-Government solution," said David Dunn,
president and CEO of VC3. "The city not only formed a committee to evaluate its
options, but city administrators also involved the entire community to
determine the areas on which to focus for greatest benefit to citizens."

About VC3 and GovHost.com
VC3, Inc. is a total solutions provider headquartered in Columbia, SC. VC3 has
an e-Government product line, GovHost.com, which offers a complete suite
of hosted virtual government and line-of-business solutions to small and
medium-sized local governments via an application service provider (ASP)
business model. Through its national network of resellers, VC3 provides the
GovHost.com solution to cities and counties throughout the United States.
Obtain more information via the web at http://www.govhost.com or by calling

About City of Hickory
Hickory is located in the Western Foothills of North Carolina. With a
population of 36,500, Hickory is 45 minutes east of the Blue Ridge Mountains
and one hour northwest of Charlotte, NC.


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