New Advertising Medium Offered At China Airports

New Advertising Medium Offered At China Airports

April 20, 2006-(Charleston, South Carolina, USA). Ken Fox and Lee Berlinsky, of The Simatai Marketing Group, announce the availability of airport baggage carousel advertising at Beijing Capital International Airport, the busiest airport in China. The advertising includes the full carousel length and width. The Simatai Marketing Group is the exclusive agent to sell advertising space to North and South American based companies looking to place advertisements on baggage carousels in China. Six additional China airports are planned including Guangzhou and Shanghai.

Beijing International Airport had over 41 million passengers pass through in 2005. As one VP of marketing previously stated about carousel advertising: "I have been using baggage carousel advertising for six months and love the fact that people just stare at it for several minutes.”

Beijing Capital International Airport currently has fifteen baggage carousels, eight for international arrivals and seven for domestic arrivals. Market research indicates that almost all International passengers traveling to Beijing, and most domestic travelers, check bags and typically wait 15-20 minutes to claim their bags. The carousel advertising process provides consistently bright, crisp, colorful and informative exposure to arriving passengers.

“We think the opportunity to offer this innovative medium is exciting for companies seeking new and alternative approaches for telling their story and communicating to a growing market in China,” says Fox. “Many new products and services offered elsewhere are being introduced in China for the first time, along with the additional need to remind travelers to China that certain products and services are available there,” adds Fox.

China airport carousel advertising is typically bilingual, but visuals really capture the audience. Some advertisers use the full length of the carousel to tell their company’s story or show their complete line of products. The carousel space can be purchased for differing time intervals of 3, 6, and 12 months, with change-outs available. Full carousel belts in China range from 196 feet to 262 feet (60-80 meters) in length and 5 feet (1.5 meters) in height, and cost a fraction of traditional airport advertising.

For further information, contact: Ken Fox (843-324-4921) at [email protected]; or Lee Berlinsky (843-345-3005) at [email protected].

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